When you step foot into Oregon Wine Reserve you become our guest at a facility that feels like home. Storing wines at the Oregon Wine Reserve offers you the security of knowing that wines are being stored in perfect conditions. As a member you have 24 hour secure access to the facility (with the exception of limited private events) and the ability to entertain your guests. There's a lot more that comes with the membership though.

 Wine Storage

  • Perfect Humidity.
  • Perfect Temperature.
  • Perfect Security.
  • Perfect.
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Oregon Wine Reserve Partners

We are selectively partnering with companies and businesses in the area that will benefit you directly.  Our hope is that you will find substantial rewards through these partnerships.  Please let us know if there are any companies or business you believe would be interested in partnering with us.  Here’s the current list.


Among our full time staff, we have a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers.  He can help with wine acquisition, how to grow your collection, maintain your collection, or just help with understanding wines.


One free hour of wine inventory  and consulting services.  This time is yours.  if you have a large collection we can help you properly inventory and catalog your collection so you know what you have and can properly insure it.  If you are looking to grow your collection or better understand what wines will complement your collection, we can help with that as well.


Facility Access

  • 24 hour secure access to your storage locker.
  • 24 hour secure and complimentary access to our tasting room (pending availability).
  • Reduced rates for use of the conference room and private reservations of the tasting room.

Delivery Receiving

We understand that rearranging your schedule to receive wine shipments at home can be quite a hassle. The less time your wine spends on a delivery vehicle the better. At Oregon Wine Reserve, we take away the hassle of receiving incoming wine shipments. Simply use our address for all your retail and club shipments and have them delivered right into perfect cellar conditions. Once we have received your shipment, we will place it in your personal locker or in our holding locker. Either way you choose, we will send you an email notifying you of your wine’s arrival.



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